12 Royal Palaces Sterling Silver Ingots Collection Set


Accompanying set of Royal Palaces sterling silver ingots is one of a Limited Edition of 3,000 struck by The Birmingham Mint.

A collection of twelve sterling silver ingots each featuring a picture of a Royal Palace on the obverse and some information about the palace on the reverse.

Set of 12 Sterling Silver Ingots

Palaces (Ingots):

  1. Buckingham Place (Reverse Lettering: BUCKINGHAM PALACE Acquired by George 111, 1762; altered into palace by Nash for George 1V; official London residence of the sovereign. THE EAST FRONT )
  2. Kensington Palace (Reverse Lettering: KENSINGTON PALACE Built c. 1603; acquired by William 111, 1689; enlarged by Wren and Vanbrugh; birthplace of Queen Victoria. )
  3. Brighton Pavilion (Reverse Lettering: BRIGHTON PAVILION Built by John Nash 1815 – 18, as an oriental palace for the Prince Regent, later George 1V. THE ROYAL PAVILION)
  4. Holyroodhouse (Reverse Lettering: THE PALACE OF HOLYROODHOUSE Begun by James 1V, 1501, completed by Charles 11, 1679; official Scottish residence of the sovereign. HOLYROODHOUSE )
  5. Edinburgh Castle (EDINBURGH CASTLE Ancient palace, fortress, treasury and armoury of the Scottish Kings; St.Margaret’s Chapel dates from 1076; birthplace of James V1 and 1)
  6. The Tower of London (THE TOWER OF LONDON Built as fortress by William 1; regular residence of medieval kings; record office, zoo, mint, treasury for Crown Jewels; observatory, arsenal and State prison.)
  7. Hampton court palace (HAMPTON COURT PALACE Built by Cardimal Wolsey and presented to Henry V111, 1529. Enlarged by Wren for William and Mary, 1689-94. WOLSEY’S GREAT GATEHOUSE)
  8. Caernarvon Castle (CAERNARVON CASTLE Founded by Edward 1, 1283; birthplace of Edward 11; traditional setting for investiture of the Prince of Wales.)
  9. The Queen’s House, Greenwich (THE QUEEN’S HOUSE, GREENWICH Anne of Denmark’s “House of Delight” desighned by Inigo Jones, 1616; completed by Charles 1 and Henrietta Maria, 1635.)
  10. St.James’s Palace (ST. JAMES PALACE Built by Henry VIII as a sanctuary for Anne Boleyn; Official residence of British sovereigns 1697-1837. KING HENRY’S GATEHOUSE)
  11. The Dutch House, Kew Palace (KEW PALACE Built by Dutch merchant in the 17th century; residence of George 111 and birthplace of George 1V. THE DUTCH HOUSE)
  12. Windsor Castle (WINDSOR CASTLE Founded by William 1 and enlarged by later monarchs; present buildings date from 12th century; official country residence of the souvereign.)

Silver Ingots are in original wooden medal box, with certificate from The Birmingham Mint.

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